Friday July 19, 2024
"Wall Street Predicts Higher Profits for American Express, Despite Overall Consumer Spending Decline"

Wall Street expects American Express to report higher profit from a year ago. More affluent clientele keeps spending even as U.S. consumers are pulling back.

"Empowering Women's Financial Growth: An In-depth Review of Ellevest 2024"

Ellevest is an investment platform that empowers women to invest, save, and achieve their financial goals. Explore our comprehensive Ellevest 2024 review.

San Francisco Fed President Awaits Inflation Stability Before Considering Rate Cut

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Mary Daly says she's looking for more confidence that inflation is moving back to the Fed's 2% target. Daly: "We are not looking for a rate cut"

Scholastic Corp. Reports Lower Quarterly Earnings Due to Strain on Consumer Spending and Slow School Book Buying

Scholastic Corp. reported lower-than-expected quarterly earnings. Company says “increasing pressure” on consumer spending hit book-fair business.

Tech Stocks Danger Looms: Nasdaq May Be Facing a Crash Similar to Post-Dot-Com Bubble Collapse

Technology stocks could be heading for a crash similar to the lengthy bear market that followed the collapse of the dot-com bubble.

Netflix Shares Dip In Late Trading Despite Q2 Earnings, Subscriber Surpassing Expectations

Netflix shares slipped in late trading despite better-than-expected earnings and subscriber data for the second quarter.

"US Stock Market Experiences Second Sharp Decline of the Week Amid Tech Stock Plunge"

US indexes declined sharply for a second session this week. The plunge in leading tech stocks broadened out to the rest of the market.

"Big Tech Stocks Drive Broad Slide on Wall Street as Market Feels Impact"

Wall Street is again feeling the downside of hitching so hard onto a handful of meteoric Big Tech stocks.

Blackstone Plans to Launch Two New Funds for Wealthy Investors in Coming Year: Jon Gray

Private-equity giant plans to launch two new funds for wealthy individual investors starting next year.

Chicago Fed President Signals Imminent Rate Cuts, Warns of Recession Risk in Delay

Chicago Fed president Austan Goolsbee signaled in an interview with Yahoo Finance that the central bank is closer to cutting interest rates. He warned that it risks a recession if officials wait too long.

"Federal Reserve Likely to Shift Focus Away from Inflation after Two Years, Global Markets Anticipate"

For more than two years, inflation has eclipsed everything else at the Federal Reserve. In a shift eagerly awaited by global markets, that's poised to change.

US 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Interest Rate Hits Lowest Level Since Mid-March

The average interest rate on the popular U.S. 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell to its lowest level since mid-March.

"Chip Stocks Dip Amid Trade Restriction Concerns; Analysts Advise Investors this May Be an Opportunity to Buy"

chip stocks fall on worries about tougher trade restrictions and geopolitical tensions. Analysts suggest fears may be overblown, offering investors an opportunity to "buy"

"US Mortgage Rates Plunge to Lowest Level Since Mid-March"

U.S mortgage rates have been falling as of late. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage was 6.77% Thursday.

"JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Encourages Clients to Keep Complaints Coming for Greater Insight"

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has a surprising message for disgruntled clients: keep the complaints coming. Dimon said that he welcomes criticisms because they help open his eyes.

Gene Seroka Foresees 'Generational Moment' for Port of Los Angeles Amid Declining Chinese Cargo and Shifting Politics

Gene Seroka says it's a 'generational moment' for the Port of Los Angeles. What declining China cargo, automation and green shipping lanes mean.

"Goldman Reaffirms 'Buy' Rating on NVDA, Citing Confidence in Gen AI Spending Cycle Sustainability"

"We reiterate our Buy rating on NVDA as the meeting reinforced our belief in the sustainability of the ongoing Gen AI spending cycle"

30-Year Mortgage Rates Drop Again to 6.77%, Yet Still High for Prospective Buyers

The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell again this week. The 15-year rate declined to 6.05%, remaining uncomfortably high for would-be buyers.

Trade Group Aims to Safeguard Consumers with Baseline Ethics in Solar Industry

The solar industry can feel rife with dishonesty and scammers. This trade group seeks to create baseline ethics to protect you, the consumer.

"Big Tech Stocks Take a Plunge, Dragging Wall Street Down"

Wall Street is again feeling the downside of hitching so hard onto a handful of meteoric Big Tech stocks.