Friday July 19, 2024
Legendary Comedian and TV Star Bob Newhart Passes Away at 94

Bob Newhart, the deadpan accountant-turned-comedian who became one of the most popular TV stars of his time, has died at 94.

Unprecedented Move: Bravo Continues Filming RHONJ, Skips Reunion Special for Current Season

Bravo will not be having a reunion special to cap the current season.

Country Singer Jelly Roll to Make Debut in Wrestling Ring on August 3rd

Jelly Roll will make his debut in the squared circle on Aug. 3. The burly, tattooed singer will perform with his band.

Beloved Comedian and TV Icon Bob Newhart Passes Away at 94

Bob Newhart helped launch the recorded comedy craze with smash albums. He also starred in the revered TV shows The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart.

Iconic Comedian and TV Star Passes Away at 94, Leaves Behind Legacy of Unforgettable Sitcom Farewell

Comedian knew his second series would always be compared to his first. So he crafted the greatest sitcom farewell ever.

Priscilla Alleges "Indentured Servitude" by Ex-Business Partner Brigitte Kruse

Priscilla is claiming she was forced into a "form of indentured servitude" by ex business partner Brigitte Kruse.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star's Lawyers Accuse Ex Rachel Leviss of "Unclean Hands" in Revenge Porn Lawsuit Retort

Vanderpump Rules star's attorneys accuse ex Rachel Leviss of having "unclean hands" Leviss filed a revenge porn lawsuit against him and Ariana Madix.

"Veteran Writer and Producer Bob Booker, Known for Grammy-Winning Comedy Album 'The First Family', Passes Away"

Bob Booker won a Grammy for his 1962 comedy album The First Family. The album poked fun at President John F. Kennedy and won the Grammy.

"Prime Video's Award-Winning Series 'The Boys' Concludes Season 4: A Sneak Peek Into the Final Season"

Season 4 of Prime Video's satirical superhero series "The Boys" just wrapped. Here's what we know so far about the series' final season.

"Torrey DeVitto Opens up About 'Dark Time' Following Divorce and Departure from 'The Vampire Diaries'"

Torrey DeVitto is sharing that stepping away from “The Vampire Diaries’ after her divorce from costar Paul Wesley was a “really dark time.” On Monday’s episode of Rachel Bilson�

"Matt Berry Receives His First Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series"

Vulture favorite Matt Berry is up for his first Emmy nomination. He's up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for "What We Do"

"ABC News Correspondent Will Reeve Admits Feeling More Nervous on Movie Set than Newsroom"

Will Reeve, who is an ABC News correspondent, said that he was more nervous on the movie set than he is at his normal job.

Famed Comedian Known for Deadpan Humour Passes Away in Los Angeles Following Short Illnesses

The comedian, best known for his deadpan humor, died at his Los Angeles home on July 18, following a series of short illnesses.

Actress Reminisces about Last Meeting with "Beverly Hills, 90210" Costar on Podcast

The actress recalled the last time that she crossed paths with her "Beverly Hills, 90210" costar.

IATSE Film and TV Crew Members Approve New Basic Agreement with Hollywood Studios

Film and TV crew members represented by IATSE have ratified their new basic agreement with the major Hollywood studios.

Season Finale Sees Manny Jacinto's Character Triumph in "The Acolyte"

Everything worked out for Manny Jacinto at the end of The Acolyte season 1 finale. "Qimir, the Stranger" was revealed to be Jacinto's character.

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Unprecedented Aspirational Teen Drama of 1990"

Beverly Hills, 90210 debuted in 1990. There was nothing else like it on TV, an aspirational teen drama.

IATSE Members Approve New Basic Agreement with Major Hollywood Studios

Film and TV crew members represented by IATSE have ratified their new basic agreement with the major Hollywood studios.

"Manny Jacinto Unfazed by Cut Dialogues in 'Top Gun: Maverick' Despite Months of Intense Preparation"

Manny Jacinto was not shocked by the fact his dialogue was cut from the blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick.” The actor spent months doing double shifts at the gym and taking fighter pilot training.

Pop Star Chappell Roan Laments Loss of Privacy and Misses 'Frolicking' After Finding Fame

Chappell Roan says she misses 'frolicking' since making it big as a pop star. Singer opens up about how celebrity life has affected her privacy.