Thursday September 28, 2023
Discovering an Alien World: Exploring the Strange Worlds of Lava Planets

Lava planets are characterized by their gleaming skies and turbulent seas of molten volcanic material. Lava planets starkly differ from the celestial bodies within our solar system.

Unexpected Discovery at Historical Monument: Undocumented Storage Rooms Found!

A team from Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg explored the monument. They uncovered a number of storage rooms that have not been documented before.

Fitbit Charge 6 Redefines the Fitness Tracker, Thanks to Google

The Fitbit Charge 6 is a new fitness tracker from Fitbit. It will work with Google's new smartwatches.

EU's Analytics Firm Plans to Conduct Detailed Studies of Other Countries Using Three Country

The EU's analytics firm plans to conduct more detailed studies in other countries. The report on three countries is being used as a benchmark.

Twitch King Kai Cenat Fans Accuse Corinna Kopf of '

Twitch King Kai Cenat recently engaged in a rizzing call with popular Internet personality Corinna Kopf. Following the conclusion of the call, many of Cen at's fans began accusing Kopf of crossing the line.

Probing 13.4 Billion Years Back: Mission to Detect Cosmic Dark Ages Set

Small mission to test technology to detect radio waves from the cosmic Dark Ages over 13.4 billion years ago will blast off for the far side of the moon.

Changing My Tune: Widgets in macOS X Dashboard Are Worth a Second Look

Widgets have been a nuisance for me since they appeared in the X dashboard. They're tiny memory hogs that only exist to disappoint me.

New Field of Geoarchaeology Emerges in Space Race as Scientists Study Human

Scientists have proposed an entirely new field — planetary geoarchaeology. It would study the imprints and objects humans leave behind.

"Arrow Discovered in Norway After 3,500 Years Buried in Glac

Glacial archaeologists in Norway have found an arrow with its quartzite tip still attached. The arrow had spent up to 3,500 years in the snow and ice.

Free Diver Captures Epic Battleground between Octopus and Harvester off Croatian

Free diver captures octopuses off coast of Croatia. Octopuses are not animals who give in easily.

Readyland Brings Interactivity and Storytelling to Echo Dot Kids Smart Speakers

Readyland's Owl and Dragon interactive storybook works with an Alexa skill. It brings personality and backstory to designs printed on the Echo Dot Kids smart speakers.

James Webb Space Telescope Discovers Most Distant Galaxies Have Higher Pristine

Astronomers using the James Webb Space Telescope have found that the most distant galaxies are being “watered down” with pristine gas from their surroundings.

Google Set to Launch Flagship Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Phones this Fall

Google is expected to launch its next-gen flagship phones, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Apple's FineWoven Offering Falls Short Despite Higher Price

FineWoven is an overall disappointment for the price. Apple has eliminated leather from its accessory offerings and has replaced it with FineWoven.

Black Hole Photo Shows 'Unequivocal Evidence' of Complex Spin

The first black hole humanity has ever imaged has also provided us with what researchers are calling "unequivocal evidence" that black holes spin.

Meta Introduces £299 Wearable Glasses at Connect 2023 Conference

£299 glasses are the latest wearable from Meta, which unveiled them during the Meta Connect 2023 conference last night.

Astronaut Rubio Returns to Earth After Long-Duration Space Mission

Rubio arrived in Kazakhstan alongside his two Russian crewmates Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Petelin. Rubio spent 371 days on the ISS and orbiting Earth 5,936 times.

German Researchers Aim to Explore Antarctic Ice Shelfs and Potentially Other Planets

Researchers from Germany are preparing to launch a probe to explore beneath the ice shelfs in Antarctica - and eventually on other planets.

Researchers Warn of Increased Earthquake Activity in the Future

"In the past, these faults have linked it's also a possibility that it could happen again," researcher Bryan Black said.

OpenAI Reinstates ChatGPT's Ability to Search the Web, Enh

OpenAI has reinstated ChatGPT's ability to search the web. This means it knows about recent facts and events.